Pressero Releases New UI Improvements, System Notifications and eDocBuilder Previews  


Aleyant COO Trent Foreman put together a new video to discuss the new improvements mentioned in this blog post. View the video below for an overview.


In this post:

    • Changes to Pressero Header Menu
  • Pressero Launches System Notifications
  • eDocBuilder Template “Previews” inside Pressero


Changes to Pressero Header Menu

This release of Pressero introduces a new streamlined main header bar. New icons provide subscribers one-click access to their profile information, a new System Notifications panel, company News and the Support page.

The graphic below shows what you’ll see when you’ll login. The previous format is shown for comparison.




 Symbol Description
Subscriber – Click to access My Profile and Logout.

  • Click My Profile to access and manage profile information for the person logged into the account.
  • Click Logout to end your session when you are done working in the Admin area.
System Notifications – Click to open the System Notifications Panel. Learn more about System Notifications below (in this blog).
News – Click to open the list of news items for Pressero and eDocBuilder subscribers.
Support – Click to access the Support department phone number and for links to the support portal.


Learn More

To learn more, see Ch. 02 Getting Around the Admin Area.


Pressero Launches System Notifications

Aleyant is pleased to announce the availability of System Notifications. Pressero now tracks and reports on four different types of system notifications which subscribers can access directly from the Pressero Header menu. Subscribers can view the most recent system notifications in a panel (up to the last 10) or click the “View All” button inside the panel to open a List Page that displays all the system notifications. Please note that system Notifications are unrelated to Email Notifications set in Admin Users and Site Users.

The following types of notifications are defined as System Notifications within Pressero:


SymbolNotification TypeExample
InformationalInformational Notifications are sent by Aleyant and may contain links to additional information about the topic.

Example: “Pressero Releases New System Notifications Feature”

Warning Warning Notifications occur in two situations:

  • Taxes – A warning is generated if Pressero cannot connect to an external tax system (example: AvaTax).
  • Payments – A warning is generated if Pressero cannot register payment for an order.

Example: “Payment issue with Order 42593”

ErrorError Notifications are generated following issues with Embedded services, Email, Webhooks or eDocBuilder.

Example: “Failed to generate emails for Order 42593”

SuccessSuccess Notifications signal the successful synchronization of an embedded service (example: Presswise).

Example: “Synchronization finished for site”


Accessing System Notifications

Click the  icon in the upper right corner of the Admin window to open the System Notifications Panel as shown in the example below. The panel opens on the right side of the page and displays the latest system notifications (up to 10). The panel displays the title, description and date & time the notification occurred.


Clicking “View All” at the top of the panel opens the System Notifications List Page as shown below. The list page allows subscribers to filter the list by Notification Type or Status (Read/Unread), or mark the entire list as Read. Click the “eye” icon to open the details window for each system notification.



Learn More

For more information, see new Ch. 072 System Notifications.


eDocBuilder Template “Previews” Inside Pressero

In our last blog we announced the capability to edit eDocBuilder templates from inside of Pressero. In this release, Pressero adds template previews (thumbnails) to the screens to further assist subscribers in managing their assets.

The new eDocBuilder Templates list screen allows subscribers to see how their templates are being used inside Pressero, and in just two clicks, edit and/or test the template.

Below is an example of the new eDocBuilder Templates area in Preferences (Admin > Preferences > eDocBuilder Templates). The example below shows the new Template Preview column highlighted in red. In this release Pressero adds the new “Products” column to this page so subscribers can see the number of products to which each template is associated. Click the “eye” to the left of the template name to open the Template Details page for that template.


The image below is an example of a Template Details page that shows the new Template Preview. In this screen you can edit the template, test the template, and view the associated domain(s), product name(s) and Url(s) for this template.



Learn More

For more information, see eCh. 073 eDocBuilder Templates.


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