Pressero v4.11.7 Released

Pressero v4.11.7 went live over the weekend.  In addition to some bug fixes and minor tweaks, there are a few new features worth pointing out:

  • If you are using PayPal to accept payment, you can create a custom alert message that displays on the site when the buyer decides to pay by PayPal.  You can set this on the Payments tab in Site Settings.
  • For FedEx and UPS integrated rate look-ups, we added the ability to indicate if the shipping method should use residential rates instead of business rates.  This can be configured in the shipping method tab in the shipping admin page.
  • In the pricing options for a product, you can now set options for each quantity set within a pricing calculator.  You can set min/max values as well as number of decimal places allowed.  This is done in the Pricing tab of the product edit area.
  • You can view full message history for each of your sites.  Each message history also contains the notification type (such as “low inventory” or “new order placed”) and the sending status of each recipient for the notice.  Email history is available as an admin item under each site.
  • As you know, you can create forms and assign them to products.  You can now auto-populate a form directly from the url.  This can be helpful if redirecting a user to a Pressero product page from another site.  Contact tech support for information on how to do this.