Pressero v5.0.3 Released!

Pressero v5.0.3 was released this past weekend. Some of the items we think you will be most excited about are listed below.

Track Vendor Markups:
If you are a broker, or have products you outsource to another vendor, you will be interested in a new feature we added. You can now add a markup percent to your current pricing engines to change the price the customer see’s in the store. This will allow you to manage both vendor price and sell price. Here are some other uses and benefits:

  • You now have an option to list the Vendor Price (price without markup) on the vendor notification dashboard if you choose to use the Vendor Interface. This way your vendor is reminded of the cost they estimated for you when they get the job.

To use this: Product Page (Site > Products > General Tab) New option for vendor. “Show price without markup to vendor”. By checking this option, the vendor will see the cost of the order before any markups have occurred.

  • You can set a range of markups based on quantity. This way you can markup the pricing engine one percent for a quantity of 1-500 and another percent for quantities 501-1000 as an example.

To Use this: Pricing Change (Site > Products > Pricing Tab): New section for “Markups.” Set markups according to quantity ranges. If you are using a UOM or Price Break engine, the markup would apply to Q1. If you are using a Pricing Calculator pricing engine, you will specify which quantity field the markup applies to (Q1-Q5).

  • You can use the report writer to run a report on totals before and after markup.

To use this: Tools > Report Writer: Now in addition to running your report with Total, Subtotal, Item Price and Paid… you can now also include “Subtotal before markup” and “ Item price before markup”.

PayFlow Payment Gateway Now Available:
In addition to, EBS (India), and PayPal Standard, we now have PayFlow through PayPal as a new credit card Payment Option that you can take advantage of. This option works with almost any merchant account and processor and has a long list of supported currencies. You can check out more about this new option by going to

Additional support for managing your Promotions:
Promo codes now have filtering on “code” and “name” and you can now choose how many records to display (10-1000). The two new features should help you manage your promotion codes more easily.