Pressero v5.2.4 Released!

The latest version of Pressero was released last week. These are some of the new features we think you’ll be most excited about:

Pressero Image Assets Available for Use In Interactive Designer Templates

In the past, image assets uploaded to Site > Assets were available for use in forms-based (standard) eDocBuilder templates, but not in Interactive Designer templates. This has now been changed so that image assets are available to both eDocBuilder template types. To allow this, make sure that assets you have uploaded to Site > Assets have their “Usage For” setting configured as Site, Group, User, or Product, in order to correctly limit who can use the asset, and for what product. The Description field is best for keywords that help your users find the image they are looking for; in Interactive Designer templates, the user can search by keyword, which searches the asset names and descriptions. If you create asset categories and assign your asset files to them, your client can also view the assets by category. Next, in your eDocBuilder template, be sure that the image field(s) in your Interactive Designer template have “Allow upload from asset” checked in the Data Capture tab.

the assets selection window of a variable data web-to-print template

An example of what your client would see in the assets selection window in an Interactive Designer template

Sage Pay Credit Card Gateway Available

Sage Pay is the most recent addition to the extensive list of payment gateways available for integration with Pressero. Sage Pay processes millions of secure payments each month for over 45,000 businesses, from startups through to major online, consumer, and business brands. This is available for Pressero customers in the UK, Ireland, Germany, and Spain. To configure integration with your Sage Pay account, select “Sage Pay” from the Method Type menu when adding a new payment method in Preferences > Payments. Enter your Sage Pay Vendor Login and Referrer ID; then click “Save.” Finally, enable the new payment method in your B2B or B2C storefronts by selecting it in Site > Settings > Payments. Click here to learn more about payment integration with the Pressero web-to-print solution.

eDocBuilder Preview Image Displayed in More Locations

Prior to the release of Pressero v5.2.4, if you checked the “Show Edoc Proof In Cart” box in a product’s “General” tab, a thumbnail of the user’s customized template would appear in the shopping cart instead of the product’s default image. Based on client feedback, we’ve expanded the number of locations where the customized preview image is displayed. It will now be visible in email notifications, order history, and order reports.

Ability to View a PDF Proof of All Records of a Database Merge

In the past, when a product whose eDocBuilder template used a variable data upload was ordered and needed approval, the approval user was able to view a .jpg preview of the first five records, in order to verify that the data would be mapped correctly on the production file. A change has now been made that will allow you to give users the option to view a proof PDF of all records prior to approving the order. To enable this option for a product, go to the product’s General tab and select “Create proof PDF” in the eDocBuilder section; scroll down and click “Save.” When the approver logs in to approve an order, underneath the preview, they will see an option to download a proof PDF of the order, which contains all the records. The proof PDF will still contain any proof text that you have configured in the template’s Template Info area.

The eDocBuilder area of a product's General settings tab - note that

The eDocBuilder area of a product’s General settings tab – note that “Create proof PDF” is selected.

SSL Support Available for Custom Email SMTP Configuration

By default, email notifications from Pressero (for instance, an email notifying your customer that their order has been received) are sent directly to your customer through Pressero’s email server. However, Pressero allows you to route email notifications through your own mail server, if desired. This previously was not available for email servers that required SSL support, such as Gmail. Our developers have changed this so that SSL is fully supported for email notifications. To configure this in your Pressero account, go to Preferences > General Settings > “Email” tab. Enter your SMTP information, and check “SSL Enabled.” Then click “Save.”

The "Email" tab of a Pressero account's General Settings

The Email tab of a Pressero account’s General Settings – Make sure to check the “SSL Enabled” box if your email server requires SSL support.

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