Pressero v5.2.5 Released!

We recently released the latest version of Pressero. Here are the four new features we think you’ll be most excited about:

View a Report of Open Carts For Each Site

Under each site in the navigation pane, you’ll notice a new link: Open Carts. In the Open Carts area, you can view and export a report of all registered site users who have items in their shopping carts but have not checked out. The information you can see includes the date the user began adding the items to their cart, the user’s name/email/username, the cost of the items in cart (subtotal and tax), and an order ID. Click the expand arrow next to each open cart to view information about the specific item(s) in the cart—including the product name, name of the eDocBuilder template the product uses (if applicable), the quantity and cost of the item, the shipping cost, and the shipping address. At the top of the Open Carts area, you can expand the blue Open Cart Filter area to search the open carts. You can narrow by start and end date and search via key words. To export a report, click the Excel or CSV icons at the top of the open orders grid.

Open Carts area for a web-to-print storefront

The Open Carts area provides information about shopping carts that contain items that have not yet been checked out.

Allow Users to Print Estimates

You can now allow users to print an estimate of products on your site. To enable this option, go to Site > Products > [Specific Product] > “General” tab. In the Product Detail Page section, select “Allow user to print estimate.” In the “Print estimate additional information” box, enter any text that you want to appear on the printed estimate. This text will appear only on the estimate, not on the product page itself. Scroll down and click “Save” when you are finished.

Part of a product's General tab allowing estimating in the Pressero web-to-print software

Controls for allowing a user to print an estimate can be found in Site > Products > [Specific Product] > “General” tab.

After you have made this change, when a user is on the product page, they will see a button that says “Print Estimate” underneath the price. When this button is clicked, a printer-friendly window will appear. It will include the name of the product, product image, product short description, any estimate additional information text you entered, the current date, and the pricing engine with the user’s selections. Clicking a “Print” link at the bottom will launch the print feature in the user’s browser.

User experience printing an estimate in a Pressero web-to-print storefront

The printer-friendly estimate report is launched when a user clicks the “Print Estimate” button.

CyberSource Payment Gateway Added

CyberSource is the most recent addition to the extensive list of credit card payment gateways available for integration with Pressero. CyberSource enables fast, reliable and secure credit and debit card processing in multiple currencies. The service supports universal and regional card types and brands across all the major acquiring banks. To configure integration with your CyberSource account, select “CyberSource” from the Method Type menu when adding a new payment method in Preferences > Payments. Enter your CyberSource Merchant ID and Merchant Profile ID; then click “Save.” Finally, enable the new payment method in your B2B or B2C storefronts by selecting it in Site > Settings > Payments. Click here to learn more about payment integration with the Pressero web-to-print solution.

Impostrip Available for Integration with Pressero’s Automated Workflow Integrator

Impostrip is a powerful automated imposition software from Ultimate Technographics. Pressero’s Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) now supports integration with Impostrip to help you streamline your workflow even further. Once the integration is configured between your Impostrip and Pressero accounts, order files from Pressero are dropped into a watched holder file and are then automatically imposed by Impostrip. To learn more about adding the AWI to your Pressero subscription, contact us.