Pressero Version 4.11.10 Released

Pressero Version 4.11.10 was released last weekend.  Here are the highlights:

  • Australia Post integrated rate look ups
  • Canada Post integrated rate look ups
  • Product duplicator.  This will easily duplicate a product within a store, or from one store to another.  Look for this at the bottom of the product admin page.
  • Beta release of a new order management page.  You can preview this by clicking the link at the top of the standard order management page.  New features include better searching, better sorting, tabs to show production status, and a horizontal bar to indicate overall status.
  • Favicons for each of your sites.  Easily update a favicon in the setting settings area.  Learn more about favicons here:
  • Set default bill to address.  You can now set the bill to address for an entire site and even prevent the buyer from overriding this address.  This will generally be used by b2b stores that invoice all orders to one location.
  • View deleted workflows and re-activate as needed.
  • When defining approval plan rules, we’ve added the option to select all users belonging to a certain location as a criteria for inclusion in the rule.
  • Pressero has a very powerful engine for user group permissions.  But it can be a bit tricky to configure.  To help with this we rewrote the user group admin area.  The hierarchy of rules are now shown, and colors are used to show what is allowed (green) and not allowed (red).
  • Beta release of a new pricing engine that runs entirely from an Excel file.  This amazing new feature means that you will be able to quickly and easily convert excel files into pricing calculators that run on your sites.  More info on this to come…