New Enhancements & Important Information for Aleyant Pressero™ and eDocBuilder™

Pressero HTML/SEO Area Enhanced – We Now Have Support for Google Tag Manager

In order to support Google Tag Manager (GTM), which has been widely requested by our users, we have made some changes to the HTML/SEO area inside Pressero admin. These changes are not just for GTM though, these changes could benefit a variety of third party scripts that need specific placement.

You will find the following changes and updates (as seen in the image below):

  • We changed the title of the current HTML head section from “Edit HTML Head Content” to “HTML content for bottom of <head> section”
  • We added two new accordion sections:
    • HTML content for top of <head> section  (after SUBID comment and before favicon link)
    • HTML content for top of <body> section (right after the opening body tag)

For those unfamiliar with GTM, it is a free tool that allows you to manage marketing tags on your website without having to modify the code, and allows you to store all your code in one place which can be helpful when you have a lot of tags to manage. In order to use GTM you need to paste code on every page of your website in two places… as high in the <head> of the page as possible, and additionally, after the opening <body> tag. With the changes made to the HTML/SEO are of Pressero (Sites > Settings > HTML/SEO) you are now able to do that. For more detail,

As a good reminder: When adding css or javascript to change the design or behavior of the site, please keep in mind that underlying html may change as new features are introduced to the system and technical support for any code or content you add to these sections is not included in your plan.

Changes in the Way you Manage Order Files – Important to Note!

We are now use Amazon S3 as a default storage for orders files. Because of this, you can no longer use the File Manager to Delete or Upload files to specific Order Folders. Because we know this is an important feature of Pressero, we have moved these options to the Order Detail > Files Folder Tab.​

Checkout the screenshot below that shows the new options to upload and delete files directly from the Order Detail area (Files Tab) in Admin. ​

Site Detail Added to Admin Payments and Shipping

To help you see what sites are using each of your Payment and Shipping methods, we have added a new section in the admin setup called “All Associated Sites.” Refer to this helpful area before editing or deleting your options so you know which sites will be affected by those changes. Below is a screenshot of the new section added to the Shipping Method page.

Reminder – Update Your Shipping Integrations!

As previously announced, we re-wrote our integrations with Australia Post, FedEx, UPS, UPS Freight, and USPS (United States Postal Service). With each new integration came many new services, so that is great news. This change does require you to switch from v1 to the new v2 options though, and if you don’t, the integrations will stop working in your storefronts.

To set this up, go to Admin > Preferences > Shipping and look for the new versions indicated with a “v2” at the end of the name.

It is important to note that our plan is to phase out the old versions on March 1, 2019, so if you are using one of the original integrations, you will want to switch to the new “v2” option now!

New Version of AWI is Available

AWI Installer Downloads (updated 1/21/2019) are now available. It is highly suggested that you keep your version of AWI up to date to avoid any problems and to take advantage of bug fixes and feature updates. Select here to download the latest installer downloads.

Updated Look for eDocBuilder Admin

eDocBuilder’s Admin (creator.edocbuilder) and login screen have received some attention… check out the new look! We hope you like what you see, we’ll continue to update the look in the admin area as time goes on.

Therese McGady

Aleyant's Marketing Manager: Experienced marketing communications professional with in-house and agency background, combined with strong Midwestern work ethic and excellent relationship-building skills.