Great New Features & Important Information in the Latest Aleyant Pressero™ Release

Including “Projected Ship Date” on Order Confirmation and Order Summary

Customers ordering from a Pressero website will now be shown the date you project their order to be shipped. In a previous blog posted December 18th, we announced that you could make the Requested Ship Date in Pressero either optional or required. The new settings affected the behavior for both the Requested Ship Date, and the Projected Ship Date fields. When the Projected Date was used instead of the Requested, we were including the date in the Order Details area of admin, but no where else. This update added the Projected Ship Date (when used) to both the Order Confirmation and Order Summary pages as well. See image below.

In the above image you see the Projected Ship Date added to the Order Confirmation that is returned to your customer after completing their order. In this scenario, my site was set up to not ask for a Requested Ship Date, and my product had the number of days that the product would take to produced added, so we were able to use that to determine a projected date, as you see here.

Approvers Can Now Approve All, Deny All, or Edit All When Approving Orders that Require Review

We have added links to Approve All, Deny All or Edit All when approving an order. These new options will be seen in both the Approval Emails and in the Storefront when approving an order. For the Email, if your approver has the ability to do “Single Click Approvals” they have always been shown links below each product that will allow them to easily approve or deny the item right from the email, instead of logging into the storefront. Now they can continue to approve items that way but then easily approve or deny any that are still waiting on a decision from one easy click of a button at the top of the email. For the changes in the Storefront it will work much the same way except that you can also Edit All with one easy click of a button. The new option will only be shown in the Storefront when there is more than one item in the order that is waiting on approval. See image below.

In the above image you can see the new options at the top of the product list that allows an approver to easily approve, deny or edit all items in the order at one time. This will be a very helpful addition when your approver has many items to review at once. This image shows the new options in the Order Detail viewed from the storefront, but the feature also adds this same functionality to the approval email they would have received when they are set to allow single click approvals.

Website Navigation Receives Some Friendly Insight From a Simple Green Line

As an Admin User you may have run into the situation where you changed the name of your product or category, but didn’t see the change reflected on the website. This most often happens when a manual change was made to the name that shows on the website in the navigation setup. It’s easy to forget months or years later that this was done. To help you see why there is this inconsistency between what is seen on the left side in the navigation setup compared to what shows on the right (and on the storefront), we’ve add a green underline to the product or category name whenever you make a manual change to the name. This green line only appears to you, and if you update the name in the navigation area to match the product or category, it will clear, letting you know both are again in sync. There is no reason you can’t have the two display with different names, we are just giving you insight that they do not match to avoid the confusion. See image below.

In the above image you can see when the category was added to the website navigation area it was  renamed “Test Category Named Changed.” The green line displays because the two names are no longer the same. Select the arrows to clear the change so that they once again match.

Important Announcement for Customers Using a Custom Skin

We have added two new features to order complete and summary pages. First is “Approve All” functionality for easier order approvals, second is “Projected Ship Date” information. You can read about those changes above. If you have a custom skin and want to add these features, follow these two Knowledge Base Articles:
Adding “Approve all” to order complete page for custom skins
Adding “Projected Ship Date” to order complete page for custom skins

NOTE: This is not a required change. If you are not interested in adding these new features, no changes are necessary. Your site will function normally.

Other Noteworthy Items in Pressero

  • We will now use the Default Skin “Responsive #6” for new sites created in admin replacing the much older unresponsive skin Algernon. You can still change the skin you want to use for your new site, we are only changing the default one that all new sites will start off with. Responsive #6 is the most popular skin we have at this time.
  • In a continued effort to increase load times in Pressero Admin, we have separated the Site Groups and Admin Groups tabs under User Management. The behavior of both remains the same, you will just be able to access each directly.

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