Great New Features & Important Information in the Latest Aleyant Pressero™ and eDocBuilder™ Update

Pressero Order Files Now on Amazon S3

Pressero is now storing order related files on Amazon S3. You may have already noticed this if you looked closely at the URL for the order files. This allows us to provide greater redundancy and greater scalability. With this change, you will temporarily not be able to delete order files. That is because we removed the option to delete, replace or upload from the File Manager (order files only). This is a temporary situation as we are working to add delete and upload to the Files tab within your order detail. Lastly, any files that are on Amazon will download (rather than open in a browser tab) to your computer, this behavior is not optional.

Pressero v6 API Additions

If you are a customer that uses the Pressero API, hopefully by now you learned that we have stopped supporting our v5 SOAP API and you’ve fully embraced the new REST API we made available a few years ago for v6. After our announcements this past October that we would stop supporting the old version, many of you reached out needing specific calls that were available in v5 but not available in v6. Here is a list of the updates we made over these past few months.

  • Added “Site Id” in Search Products (Paged)
  • Option to Delete Inventory Transaction
  • Added ability to populate a form field on checkout
  • Can now get the Product Image
  • Pricing Engine Details are now available
  • Added “Allowed Groups” in Get Product by ID 
  • Created Get Site Asset Category List and Set Site Asset Category
  • Added “Categories” in Search Products (Paged) 
  • Created Get Vendor List
  • Can now Get Subscriber Shipping Methods

Click here for the v6 API documentation.

Enhancements to User Interface and User Experience in Pressero Admin

We are going page by page in Pressero admin updating the User Interface for better User Experience across all devices. Tabs are being removed in favor of navigation changes so users can get to what they want faster with less load times. All our data grids are being completely re-designed for better interactions on mobile devices as well as adding in much needed functionality such as filtering, searching and sorting. Data grids will also utilize space better for desktop users.

One change we don’t want you to miss is the new placement of the link to our User Documentation. You will now find this on the right side of each page throughout admin (see image below). It is also a good reminder in case you were not aware that we have links to the specific documentation chapters from each area of admin.

Improvements are being implemented incrementally so watch for more amazing changes coming to your favorite parts of Pressero admin soon!

Updated Shipping Integrations – Important Notice

In an earlier blog update, we announced that we re-wrote our integrations with Australia Post, FedEx, and UPS. Now in addition to those new updates, we’ve also re-wrote the integrations with UPS Freight, and USPS (United States Postal Service). With each new integration came many new services, so you will want to check them out.

To set this up, go to Admin > Preferences > Shipping and look for the new versions indicated with a “v2” at the end of the name.

It is important to note that we will phase out the old versions on March 1, 2019, so if you are using one of the original integrations, you will want to switch to the new “v2” option now!

Update to – Important Notice

A new version of (standard) is also available. If you were already using this payment method, you are already using the newest version. did make some changes that are important to take note of (for both Standard and CIM versions): 

  • only allows 31 characters for a product name. Because of that, if your product name is longer than 31 characters, you will notice that the product name sent to has been truncated. This is a limitation of and not something we are in control of.
  • They now require that all billing addresses coming from Pressero include a First and Last Name. It is important to note that Pressero does not require a first and last name be added when creating addresses used in the address book or the locations. Because of this, we will try and get the first and last name associated with the address (if it was entered), and if it is not there, Pressero will get the information from the name on the card. It will split the name from the user and the first part will be used as the first name and the last part as the last name.

New Versions of AWI are Available

AWI (Windows) and AWI (Mac) Installer Downloads (updated this week) are now available. It is highly suggested that you keep your version of AWI up to date to avoid any problems and to take advantage of bug fixes and feature updates. Select here to download the latest installer downloads.

Form View Now Available in the eDocBuilder Field Designer for Interactive Templates

Previously only available for Form Templates, this popular feature of the Field Designer is now available for Interactive Designer templates as well. Have you often wanted to see the changes you are making to your template without going to the test screen? The form view allows you to do just that. If you want to test the template as if you were your customer, you still need to go to the test area, but the Form view allows you to move fields in the order you want them presented, add the prompt text, tool tip, set the field to be required if necessary, and expand each field to see the various options and prompts you are making available. This new option will be a time saver! (See image below).

Can’t-Miss Field Selection in eDocBuilder’s Field Designer

Previously you could only select multiple fields at a time by holding down Command or Control, and selecting multiple items on the canvas. If you did not know about this keyboard shortcut, you’ve been missing all the great things you can do once multiple fields are selected. With the recent update, we have now added a checkbox to each field so you don’t miss a thing! (See image below).

As a reminder, once multiple fields are selected, you can move, rotate, resize, duplicate, delete and/or Align and Distribute fields at once.

Other Noteworthy Items in eDocBuilder

  • Rulers in the Interactive Designer now default to cm except when in the US culture (previously inches was the default).
  • You can now apply a Spot Color to a Font Effect Outline (Field Setup and Designer)
  • The number of templates you select to view on the Template page will now be retained visit after visit… until you decide to change it.

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