Pricing/estimating, job management & inventory tracking system

Aleyant PrintJobManager is MIS/ERP simplified. It uses a new mobile, cloud-based approach to MIS that includes a fast means of generating market-driven pricing, job management, inventory tracking, real-time job tracking and estimating.

The simple setup and use of the cloud-based PrintJobManager enables you to manage your shop from any device, including the one you carry in your pocket or purse. PrintJobManager is a standalone application for estimating, inventory management, shop floor data collection. and more.

Conveniently, it will also work seamlessly with the award winning Pressero web-to-print e-commerce and variable data system. While Pressero is not required to use PrintJobManager, product pricing created in PrintJobManager can be seamlessly used within Pressero storefronts, eliminating the need to create and maintain separate pricing systems for online stores vs your estimating and job management systems.

PrintJobManager includes unlimited seats, so all your sales, customer service reps, warehouse staff, and pro estimators can use it without extra fees.

Features include:

        • Plays well with others - Automate your workflow with 1500+ integration options via an API or Zapier app.
        • Tailor to your production capabilities - User-defined production workflows.
        • Tailor to your business/products - User-defined interactive estimates and job views.
        • Fast implementation time -  Pre-built libraries for pricing, materials and production resources.
        • Mobile-friendly -  Use on the go. Whenever, wherever.

Aleyant’s automated print software solutions create a solid foundation for growing your print business (and customer count) by automating daily print processes such as ordering, pricing, file correction, production, customer service and more.

Our automation print software reduces manual touches, errors and production time for your print shop. With it, you can connect online design to B2C and B2B online print stores. Connect your print store to estimating, production management and to customer service and prepress automation. You can use Aleyant software products separately, together or with over 1500 thirdparty apps via direct API or Zapier.

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