Web-to-Print Sites Ready to Go! Need a Ready to Use Web-to-Print Storefront?

Aleyant Pressero™ Web to Print software is used to create and manage both B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (private, business to business) storefronts.

Instant Web to Print Ecommerce Solution

For those who don’t want to start with a blank canvas, an instant, ready-to-use but customizable print site option is available. We call it “MyOwnPrintShop”.

  • Pre-Loaded Content! MyOwnPrintShop is comes pre-loaded with content, products, pricing, FAQ’s, Quote Forms, etc. Of course, these can be edited, deleted, and add to by you.
  • Promo Codes Capable! You can easily setup and run special discounts and sales at anytime. Like all storefronts built in Aleyant’s Pressero system, MyOwnPrintShop can support the use of custom Promo Codes.
  • Built-In SEO! Besides a complete content management system, extensive Search Engine Optimization capabilities are built-in.
  • HTML Not Needed! You can easily customize the look, branding, content, products, and pricing without knowing html.
  • Ready for Credit Card Payments! Storefronts created using Aleyant’s Pressero system are designed to easily accept credit card payments. Credit card payments can be processed by your choice of PayPal, PayPal Pro, Payflow Pro, Authorize.net or EBS. Of course, storefront’s can also be set to accept open term orders (no credit card payment needed).
  • Fully Customizable! This option is available for those who prefer to have their web designer create a custom skin (instead of using one of ours).

Ready to Use Web-to-Print Sites Demo

Call us at 800-571-2138, 630-929-0104, or email sales@aleyant.com to see a live demonstration of the Pressero ready-to-use MyOwnPrintShop.

Web to Print Design Software & Web2Print Templates

You can add variable data templates of your own design to the MyOwnPrintShop products. Because MyOwnPrintShop is built on Aleyant’s sophisticated Pressero platform, you are able to create templates of business forms, business cards, etc, that can be personalized and proofed online by print buyers, and delivering a print ready file to you. Depending on the Pressero plan you choose, you’ll be able to create form-based templates, Interactive Designer templates, or both using Aleyant eDocBuilder™.

  • Form-Based Templates. Online design templates that are form-based enable your customer to fill out an easy to use form, click a button and see the proof update. Images can be uploaded from their desktop, or selected from a library.
  • Interactive Designer-based templates. These templates allow users to work directly on the proof itself. Your customer can pick up the text, move it, rotate it, change font face, color, style, alignment, layering. They can upload images, select images from a library, move, scale, rotate and add borders. No flash plug-in needed, these templates use html5 and work on iPads, etc.

Web to Print Software

In addition to MyOwnPrintShop, the Pressero software can be used to create and manage as many private storefronts for large customers as you need. Aleyant is well known for the flexibility and sophistication of its Pressero web to print software. This enables you to completely tailor a print site for the exclusive use of a large, profitable account.