Recording of Aleyant Webinar, ‘Adding Automated Imposition to Your Workflow: Do More, Save Time & Stop Errors’ Now Available

If you were not able to catch the recent Aleyant webinar, ‘Adding Automated Imposition to Your Workflow: Do More, Save Time & Stop Errors’, you can download a video recording here.

More than a storefront system, Aleyant Pressero™ connects to print production via the Aleyant tFLOW prepress workflow, its open API, or the Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI). Pressero’s flexibility allows you to adapt to any workflow requirements your shop might have.

tilia Phoenix, which automates imposition, integrates with both tFLOW as well as the AWI, enabling Pressero users a choice of workflow automation: Pressero->tFLOW->Phoenix or Pressero->AWI->Phoenix. Phoenix performs a series of best fit operations based on an instruction file created and delivered by tFLOW and AWI. The imposed production file is then available for other processes. The choice you make on which workflow is best for you will depend on where files are generated, the level of automation desired, and customer service requirements. For storefronts creating artwork with Aleyant eDocBuilder™, sending business cards directly to Phoenix from Pressero via AWI could be sufficient. For storefronts receiving customer created files, tFLOW’s preflighting, automated proofing and file finishing options before sending to Phoenix may be the best fit. Whatever your needs, Aleyant has a solution for you.

tilia Phoenix offers sophisticated planning and imposition for packaging, labels, commercial, and wide format operations. A united imposition and planning means your prepress and planning departments no longer waste valuable time repeating the same work.

For more information regarding Pressero, visit here. Additional info on tFLOW can be found here. For more on tilia Phoenix, visit here.