REMINDER TO REGISTER: Learn How HP Designer’s Integration with Pressero Can Significantly Increase Your Print Production Efficiencies


Our upcoming October webinar will focus on HP Designer’s integration with Aleyant Pressero™. Aleyant President, Greg Salzman, and HP’s Program Manager, Amir Gaash, will demonstrate this seemless workflow to webinar attendees.

The collaboration between Aleyant and HP enables Indigo Print Service Providers to more easily overcome the barrier of selecting and implementing a web-to-print solution because of the tight integration with the HP SmartStream Solution Suite. The thousands of HP Indigo users that are using HP SmartStream Designer to create highly sophisticated personalized pieces can now upload these templates into the Pressero web-to-print interface for easy order submission. The file is then sent directly to print through HP SmartStream Composer for rendering, followed by either HP SmartStream Production Center or HP SmartStream Production Pro for print production. This integration allows users to leverage existing Designer templates and eliminates the need to learn a new design tool for template creation, as well as the need to export the data files and manually type all the meta data (copy count, substrate). In this way, it stands to significantly increase print production efficiencies and makes it easier for customers to do business with Print Service Providers.

This webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, October 27, 2015 at 11 AM CST. Time will be allotted for a 10-minute Q&A session. Space is limited, register here today!