REMINDER! Register Now for This Thursday’s Data Security Webinar


Is Your Print Software Cloud Provider Secure? Behind the Scenes Look at Data Security

Date & Time: Thursday, November 30 @ 11 AM Central- Register Here

Be sure to join this upcoming webinar to learn how your data is safe and secure at Aleyant. Our software is housed in top tier data-centers around the world to provide you with the latest in data security and availability. In addition, all software instances utilize numerous network security configurations and processes to ensure your data is secure. We will cover these security configurations and processes in more detail, as well as more information regarding our data centers and backup and recovery procedures during this webinar.

Time will be allotted for a Q&A session at the end of the webinar. Space is limited, register here today!

More information regarding Aleyant Pressero’s security and availability features can be found here.