Shapes, Updated UI and Entry Blocks for Field Designer in Aleyant eDocBuilder™ Release!

Introducing Shapes for Form-Based and Interactive Designer templates!

You can now convert image fields to a shape field, or directly add shapes to your templates. There are 25 different shapes available and the fields can have a border (with color options), have a background color applied, and also have images added to the shape. Currently, shapes are available in admin when you are creating your template. In the future, we will allow your customers to add a shape while customizing an Interactive Designer template.

Shape Fields

In the image above you see a new option for “Shape” located in the Field Setup > Format tab area.
Using this option will convert a normal image field into a shape field.

Placing Shape Fields

Inside the Field Designer, you can also convert an Image Field to a shape field.

Selecting Shapes

If you are creating a template from scratch or adding a new field to your template using the Field Designer,
you can select “Insert” from the top navigation menu, and select the new option to Insert Shape.
Add the field name, and select your shape to have the new shape field added to your template.

Images as Shapes

Here we see images that have been added to our new Shape Fields in the testing mode.
Notice that the octagon shape also had a purple border applied to it.


The Field Designer adds Entry Blocks, a Form View and an All-New Updated UI!

The Field Designer just keeps getting better! Have you checked it out yet? In the recent release, we added support for Entry Blocks and it is so much easier than creating them in Field Setup. Using our new “Form View” you can view your template prompts the way your customer will and simply select the fields you want to be grouped together in an Entry Block, click a button and you are done.

Creating Entry Blocks

In the image above you can see how easily it is to select two or more fields
and then either add those fields to an existing Entry Block or create a new one.

In the image below you can see that once you create a new Entry Block, you are presented with a window that allows you to enter a Title and Description. Both these images are shown using the new “Form View” inside Field Designer.

Entry Block


We’ve also changed the way the various options are presented on the right side panel making it easier for you to find what you need.

Entry Block

In the image above we see the “Fields” View (left panel) and the new tab layout of the various settings on the right panel.

Select here to go to our support documentation for the Field Designer if you’d like to learn more.

Additional Updates in the Release:

  • Ability to remove fill color from image fields in Field Designer.
  • Image Quality Feedback is now given on Form-Based eDoc templates added to the Field Designer.

Therese McGady

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