Some Big and Long Awaited For Features Added to Aleyant Pressero® Today! You Don’t Want to Miss this Post!

Item 1:

Sort shipping options in the storefront

You can now decide the order in which you would like to have your various shipping options display in the storefront. Go to Admin > Sites [select site] > Settings > Shipping Tab. You will notice this page has been redesigned in order to support this and one other shipping change (noted below). To set the sort order, select the shipping method from the list and enter the number in the field provided.


Item 2:

Database Import / Export of Purchase Order Codes (PO Codes)

In order to make it easier to add a large number of PO codes, we now have an Import / Export function available. Go to Admin > Sites [Select Site] > Purchase Order Codes. By selecting the button to “Import / Export PO Codes” you can download a template to use and perform the actions of importing or exporting.


Item 3:

Allow the Shipping Methods your customers see in the store to be based on Site Groups

You can now decide which shipping method you want each of your site users to have available to them in the storefront. The feature requires that you add your site users to different groups and then assign each shipping method to those groups. Go to Admin > Sites [Select Site] > Settings > Shipping. You will notice that this page has been re-designed to support this feature and the ability to sort the various shipping methods. Select the Shipping method from the list and then select the tab “Allowed Groups.” Select the group(s) you want to have this particular Shipping Method.


Item 4:

Allow the Payment Methods your customers see in the store to be based on Site Groups

As with the previous new feature (Allow Shipping Methods to be based on Site Group), you can now decide which payment methods you want each of your users to have available in their storefront. Go to Admin > Sites [Select Site] > Settings > Payments [Select Payment Method] > “Allowed Groups” tab. Here you will see all available site groups you have in your store. Select the site group(s) you want to have this particular payment method available to.


Item 5:

Allow Tax to be applied to Shipping and Handling charges at a Province/State, Postal Code, Country, or Flat Rate Level

Previously you could decide if the tax rates you entered would apply to shipping and handling on a Site level. This decision was made across the board for all the different shipping rates you entered. Now you can decide if one tax setting should apply the tax to shipping and handling while others do not. In addition to this, you can select a different rate to apply to shipping and handling charges. To see this change, go to Admin > Sites [Select Site] > Settings > Tax Tab. You will now see a new option under each section “Click here to override the site level tax settings or apply a different tax rate for shipping and handling.” Once you select that option, you will see a new option become available “Include Shipping and Handling,” select that, and you can add a new tax rate for the shipping and handling.


Item 6:

Test Tax Settings without entering a test order

We have added a test area inside the Tax Settings area to make it easier for you to troubleshoot and test the settings you have entered. You will see this in Admin > Sites [Select Site] >


Item 7:

You can now include a Product Asset URL in the Confirmation Email sent to your customer

For those who sell digital products, this one will be very helpful to you. You can add a product asset to your store setup, and after your customer completes the order, they will be sent a link to download that asset file. For those that use an approval process, this link will not be sent to the customer until the order has been approved. To see this new option, go to Admin > Sites [Select Site] > Assets. If you create or edit an asset here, you will want to select “Product” from the “Usage For *” dropdown. When “Product” is chosen from the Usage For field, a new option “Include in Email Notifications” will display. Once selected, we will include a link in the Confirmation Email sent to your customer so they can download the asset file.


Item 8:

New version of the Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) released

AWI was made available today. In this new version, the following changes were made:

  • Can now download the “Compact” versions of the Pressero Order Reports
  • Improved Control file for the Tilia Phoenix Integration
  • Minor Bug Fixes

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