Some New Pressero and eDocBuilder Features We’ve Been Meaning to Tell You About…

Things got pretty busy here at Aleyant over the last few months… so busy that we didn’t tell you about a few new Pressero and eDocBuilder features we rolled out.  Here are a few that we think you will be most excited about:


Product Setting to Indicate that Product Should Ship Separately
For example: option is selected for product called “business cards”.  A user orders 5 sets of business cards for different people in the office.  Even though all cards are shipping to the office, shipping will be calculated as 5 unique shipments to the office. Another example of how this can be used is for broker. Even though multiple products are in the shopping cart, typically the products will be shipped separately from different vendor locations. Now a broker can set their products to all calculate shipping separately. Look for this feature in the product setup, “General” tab under “CheckOut Options for This Product.”

Dollar Range Option for Payment Methods
You may now choose to have a specific payment option (i.e. PayPal, Submit Order, etc.) only appear when the total for the order falls within a certain range. This can be helpful for customers with free products in their store… they want to offer a Free Payment option but don’t want it to be available unless the order totals $0. You will find this new feature in the “Payment” tab for the site (Enable range option).

One-time Use Promotion Codes
You can now specify if a promotion code can be used one time in the store, or one time by each user. This can be useful in a few ways:

1) Good if a customer gets a credit in the store that only they can use, and once they use it, it is deactivated.

2) Good if you run an ad and you want each customer to only use the promotion code one time in their store but want to keep it available for other customers to use also.

Look for this new option in the site “Promotions” area when you set up a new promotion.

Upload Promotion Codes
You can now upload a database list of promotion codes. This can be helpful if you want to take advantage of some of the popular advertising opportunities with companies such as Groupon, or Living Social. Upload the list of all the promotion codes purchased and using the one-time use promotion code feature, each of the codes will be deactivated as soon as they are used. This new “Import/Export” feature can be found by going to the site “Promotions” area.


For standard templates, you can now set two or more text form fields and have the text overflow from the first text field to flow to the second, then the third, etc. You will find this new option in the “Field Type” Tab when setting rules for your text fields.

Image Quality Feedback|
You can now set image quality ranges to be used on your Interactive Designer templates. Set the dpi you feel is “Good”, “Acceptable” and “Bad” quality for a specific template and your customer will receive feedback so they know what range their image fell in.