Tech Tip – Identifying Fields

Identifying Fields: easily customize each order’s product name in the shopping cart, order information, and history.

Is “Digital Copies,” or “Business Cards” just not enough information to help you and your customer quickly identify their job?  There are two ways that you can gather more information to show up in the shopping cart, order information, and history to help with better identification.

For any products that don’t use an eDocBuilder template, you may give the customer the ability to change the name of the product in the shopping cart. In your admin area, choose to edit the individual product. Then check the box next to “Allow Edit of Name in Shopping Cart.” If the product name is “Digital Copies” and your customer adds “Holiday Special Flyer” in the space provided on the order page, the product name will now show up as “Digital Copies – Holiday Special Flyer.”  See the user manual for more information.

For any products that use an eDocBuilder template, consider using the Identifying Field option. In eDocBuilder, choose to edit the template. In the Template Info tab you will see a drop down menu titled “Identifying Field,” which contains a list of all the field names in your template. Choose the field whose content you would like to add to the product name in the shopping cart. For example, if you select the field “Name” in a customer’s Business Card template, the content the customer adds in the “Name” field will be added to the product name, and the product will be displayed as “Business Cards – John Smith.”  Please see the eDocBuilder user manual for more information.