Improve Productivity and Profitability Revolutionize Your Prepress Department with Aleyant tFLOW

  • Increase profits. tFLOW automation not only lowers costs and reduces cycle times, but it increases throughput, allowing you to run more and larger jobs through your shop without an increase in staff.
  • Reduce cycle times. Lett tFLOW handle the mundane work of proofing and fixing files so you can get jobs out the door more quickly. Provide better customer service. Your customers will love how tFLOW keeps all job related files in centralized location for easy approvals and status checks in a 24/7 cloud-based environment.
  • Eliminate rework. Files print accurately the first time. tFLOW automatically proofs files up front for common errors to ensure they are truly production-ready.
  • Free up resources. With tFLOW, prepress resources can now be redeployed to work that is BILLABLE instead of being buried in routine work. Never lose a file again. tFLOW’s centralized communication portal organizes all your job status and file information for fast, easy access.

Auto-Receive Files

Automatically receive files from customers and place them into your prepress workflow. Files can be submitted using Aleyant Pressero™ web-to-print, third-party web-to-print solutions, URLs, FTP or other file submission methods.


 PDF Auto-Proofing

Automatically create proofs based on your templates. Create your own layout with the information you would like to appear on the proof, and tFLOW will auto fill the fields as well as automatically place artwork on landscape and portrait layouts. Add elements such as marks, trim, live area indicators and finishing parameters. Proofs are automatically sent out for approval and can also be downloaded as PDF’s.



Put the “pre“ back into preflight. Speed up your turnaround times –files are automatically checked when they come into your shop, not after they have been sitting in folders for a day. Stakeholders will know whether files are printable within a couple of minutes of receiving them. Files are not just checked, but also fixed, with options such as adding bleed and marks, flattening transparencies, converting fonts to outlines, and checking spot color integrity, to name a few.



Real-time information and updates. Stop running around and bombarding everyone with emails. tFLOW will give you status updates on all your jobs every 15 seconds. Keep track of jobs still waiting for approvals, missing artwork, on hold due to preflight errors, and ready to be sent to production. All without a single phone call or email.


 Prepress Automation

Automate repetitive prepress tasks. Let designers be designers – spend time on custom projects by automating the boring stuff. Life's too short to spend the day adding grommet marks, cut paths, bleeds, fold lines, etc. tFLOW doesn't mind, and is way faster than anyone we have ever met!



Stop the email madness! Tired of receiving emails, and being cc'd on countless others? tFLOW allows you to collaborate in real time, making comments and annotations on the proof fast and simple. Everything about the job is visible to everyone on the team – not lost somewhere in your inbox.