Tips for Using Pressero Web-to-Print Solutions to Sell More

The answers to the questions below can make your printing service business stand out from the crowd, help you make new sales, and provide competition-beating customer service.

  • How can Web2Print technology be used as a selling advantage?
  • What are the benefits of Web-To-Print storefronts for your customers?
  • What’s the best way to discuss W2P solutions with customers and prospects?

Part One: How Customer Service Differentiators Drive Sales

This is a three part series.

No One’s Asking For It

Don’t expect your customers to ask for Web-To-Print by name. Though a few of your customers may already understand how Web-To-Print benefits them, many others do not. The W2P concept may be new to them and so holds no meaning. Those will likely be the ones who “are not asking for it”, because they simply don’t know it exists nor how it helps them. This represents a great sales opportunity and selling advantage for you. It’s very likely that before the drive-through window was invented in the 1930’s, customer’s were not asking for one!

Advertising a Feature Only Works If Everyone Already Understands The Benefit

How do you talk about and promote your Web-To-Print capabilities to customers? Saying “I have a website” for example or “I have Web-To-Print” is not enough. Most don’t yet understand how that will benefit them. In contrast, most everyone now knows what a drive-through refers to and they already understand the benefits: convenient, fast service without having to leave the comfort of your car. No need to miss your favorite song playing on the radio, or get out in the sweltering heat, drenching rain, or bitter cold. Customers expect a drive-through at a fast-food restaurant and often prefer it. As a result, most if not all fast food restaurants today have a drive-through window (or several). How do you get Web2Print understood the same way?

Push The Benefit, Not The Feature

Drive-thoughs were a technological improvement restaurants used to one-up the competition. Signs and advertising focused on the benefits and included images of a happy, smiling family seated in a car while being handed food through an open restaurant window. The illustration implied speed, ease, and happiness. Drive-through competition mushroomed and spread to banks, pharmacies, and dry-cleaners. Customers did not care about the technical aspects of drive-through windows, or how much they cost, or the increase in sales for the business that installed them. They only cared about what was in it for them, the benefits to them. Once customers experienced how this new ordering feature made THEIR life easier, there was no turning back.

Web-To-Print, The Competitive Edge

Today, bank drive-through window service has largely been replaced by Automatic Teller Machines (ATM’s) because of the 24×7 convenience of ATM’s (and the efficiency improvements and lower costs for the bank). After ATM’s were invented and customers understood how they benefited, any bank without an ATM network was at a severe competitive disadvantage. You probably see where this is going regarding the potential speed and convenience benefits that your Pressero Web-To-Print storefronts represent to customers and prospects.

Drive-Through Printing

Think of your Pressero W2P e-commerce capabilities (B2B Customer Storefront, B2C Retail Storefront, etc.) as your Internet-based “drive-through printing window” or “printing ATM” in terms of speed and convenience. In advertising and sales calls, focus on the benefits to your customers. Answer their unasked question, “What’s in it for me?” Remember, they probably don’t want to hear how it makes your business more efficient and more profitable. Talking about how the automated workflow saves you time and money may not hold much interest. Instead, explain how the Web2Print software benefits them, how it makes their life easier or better.

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Next Issue: Part Two – The 3 Do’s & Don’ts, a W2P Benefits List

Lucia Blanco