University of Wisconsin Parkside Streamlines Workflow with Aleyant Pressero Web-to-Print

pressero web to print case study

October  6, 2015. Wheaton, IL — Aleyant, an innovative leader in providing robust software services to the graphic communications industry at value-driven prices, today reported that the Creative Services Department at the University of Wisconsin Parkside has implemented Aleyant Pressero™ with its built-in Aleyant eDocBuilder™ VDP and personalization system to better serve its campus customers. Creative Services had been offering web-to-print services for some time, but with limited adoption within the community. Creative Services Manager, Don Lintner, decided to look for a new web-to-print solution to enable the department to take advantage of the many technological advancements in the world of web-to-print. He wanted to provide internal customers with a more intuitive and flexible user interface while also improving back-end operations.

After a thorough market review, Creative Services chose Aleyant Pressero. Lintner adds, “The cost is about the same as our previous solution, but Pressero offers significantly more flexibility for both our users and our shop workflow. We now manage orders across the board through Pressero, including graphic design; instructional support such as course packs, exams and handouts; large format signs and display graphics; photography; and video and multimedia.”

With the implementation of Aleyant Pressero, Creative Services has improved productivity and service levels, and now receives almost all of its work via the system, with an average of 400 jobs per month being processed. One example of improved productivity and cycle time enabled by Aleyant Pressero is the ordering and production of business cards and stationery. “Using the Aleyant eDocBuilder variable data capability included with Pressero,” Lintner explains, “our customers can quickly and easily update or reorder these products online.  While our previous solution had a template capability, it was so complicated that hardly anyone used it. Customers would submit orders, and someone in the design group had to lay out each business card or letterhead.  eDocBuilder took all of that work off of our shoulders, enabling our designers to spend their time doing real design work!”

The University also uses Aleyant Pressero to manage outsourced print work and takes advantage of its advanced reporting capabilities for more efficiency in administrative tasks such as billing.

Pressero Web-to-Print System

Aleyant Pressero™ is an affordable and easy-to-use, cloud-based B2B and B2C online storefront solution that can quickly and easily be customized to individual client needs. This includes ‘mobile-first’ design for branded sites to ensure proper display regardless of the viewing device being used. Pressero includes Aleyant eDocBuilder™, a web-based variable data publishing system built specifically to easily integrate into Aleyant or third-party web-to-print or MIS solutions. eDocBuilder features advanced typography control, imposition, scripting support, PDF workflows, rapid template creation, Excel merge capabilities and more. Aleyant’s Automated Workflow Integrator™ (AWI) connects the online storefront’s to prepress and production using a rules-based approach to automate such processes as file retrieval and renaming, unzipping zipped files, or sending files and metadata directly to a 3rd party color management or preflight application such as Tucanna tFlow, or a RIP for processing, eliminating multiple steps in the workflow. Aleyant Print Job Manager™ is MIS/ERP simplified. It uses a new mobile, cloud-based approach to MIS that includes a fast means of generating market-driven pricing, job management, inventory control, planning and estimating.

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About Aleyant

Founded in 2005, Aleyant is an innovative leader in providing robust software services to the graphic communications industry at value-driven prices. Its expertise lies in developing highly functional and flexible applications using the most current Web development technologies available, including workflow aimed at lights-out automation. Its flagship web-to-print software, Aleyant Pressero™, is a highly customizable retail and business-to-business storefront interface and has launched many of its clients into the exciting world of Internet-based print sales. Aleyant also offers a Web-based online design and variable data publishing (VDP) system, Aleyant eDocBuilder™, as a separate product. Aleyant’s solutions are integrated with multiple MIS and web-to-print systems.