Update to Payment Methods Needed in Latest Aleyant Pressero Release

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Reminder: Updates to Payment Methods

We continue to encourage users to update their payment methods to better protect customer financial information.

Important Note: We have discovered an issue with the new Authorize.Net Hosted payment method. We ask any customers using the new Authorize.Net Hosted method to stop using the new method and switch back to use either Authorize.Net CIM or Authorize.Net Standard. If you are currently still using Authorize.Net CIM or Authorize.Net Standard you can continue to do so. We sincerely regret any inconvenience.  We are actively investigating additional options with Authorize.Net to replace the current to methods for the long term. We will continue to update you via Blog and the “What’s New” function inside of Pressero Admin.

The original target date for transfer of all updated payment methods was originally October the 9th.  With the issues that Authorize.Net has presented us we will not be removing the current methods on this date. The original methods of CyberSource, Moneris, PayFlow Payments Gateway, and PayPal Payments Pro are currently not available for selection when creating a new payment method. We encourage all users to update to these new “Hosted Methods” as listed below. If you are still using one of the original methods in a current website, they will continue to work for the short term.

As a reminder, all Pressero subscribers and users are affected by the update to the Payment Methods.

What action is required for Pressero subscribers? 

Pressero subscribers must update all of their Payment Methods for the following payment methods:

  • If you have existing CyberSource  method(s), re-enter them using “CyberSource Hosted”
  • If you have existing Moneris  method(s), re-enter them using “Moneris Hosted”
  • If you have existing PayFlowPayments Gateway  method(s) and PayPal Payments Pro method(s), re-enter them using “PayFlow Pro Hosted”

Note: Follow these steps to request your Payflow Pro credentials within a PayPal Payments Pro account for use when integrating to your shopping cart where Payflow credentials are necessary. (https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/article/how-do-i-create-payflow-api-credentials-with-a-paypal-payments-pro-account-faq3209)

Note: We previously included Authorize.Net in the above actions. For Authorize.Net instructions, please refer to the Important Note above. If you have existing Authorize.Net CIM or  Authorize.Net Standard  method(s), you can continue to use them.

What is the timeframe?

We had a target date for removal of the old methods of October 9.  This date will be extended for the short term while we update our Authorize.Net methods.

How is this affecting my site users?

One significant change to the checkout process with a new “Hosted” method is a site user will now enter their credit card information AFTER they click the submit payment/checkout button. Previously it was before clicking the final payment button.

When processing an order, Pressero first closes the cart and submits the order in order to generate an “Order Number” that it then sends to the payment processor. This is a required item so that the total payment amount doesn’t change. When the user elects to pay with their credit card, they have completed their order.

If a customer backs out of the payment process or presses the “Cancel Payment” button it will cancel the order. This will take the user to the Payment Incomplete page where they can either select a new or different payment option, if available, or attempt to re-enter their credit card information. If they choose to navigate away, then the order is still placed inside of their order history which they can access via the site and will show a status of Order Cancelled in the Status area of the order details page.

Note: Errors that happen with payments will no longer be sent to Pressero and will have to be handled by the providers themselves (Payflow Pro, Authorize.Net, etc.). This means that if payments fail to process, indicated by an order that arrives with the “paid” column as a clock icon, you will need to work with your payment processor to resolve the issue (whether it was bad credit card info, rejection, etc.).

Please see all documentation below for more information.

Links to documentation

The updated process for all Payment Methods is documented in the Knowledge Base articles about creating payment methods (Chapter 18 Payment Methods) and setting up payment methods per site (Chapter 38 Setting Up the Payment Methods for Sites).



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