Updated Aleyant Automated Workflow Integrator (Beta) Now Available

Aleyant Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) is a desktop application that automates the transfer of Pressero orders into your back-end production process using hot folders. It eliminates the need to manually download and sort orders.

The updated version of AWI has a number of new features that will help increase your efficiency. AWI will now attempt to process orders immediately rather than being based on a timer. The new Queuing tab allows users to queue up orders according to criteria the user defines and releases as a batch. The new Status tab allows users to change the status of orders within Pressero after AWI has successfully downloaded the file and placed it in the appropriate folder. In addition, AWI now can automatically create PDF based reports, within the Reports tab.

PLEASE NOTE: This updated version of AWI only works with Pressero v6 and is currently in beta.

More details on these features are listed below.

Queuing Feature
Users can now hold jobs until ready to release them in a batch in order to gain some production efficiencies. This can be done by checking the “Enable Queuing” box.

Release Type Options:
  • Number of Unique Jobs or Order Items: AWI will wait to release until a certain number of jobs has been reached. For example, this rule could be used to wait for at least 5 orders for the same type of business card. With this type, the quantity of each order item is not considered.  So whether a business card order is for 250 cards or 5000 cards it will be considered as a single job. When selecting this type you should configure the “Minimum Threshold” which is the number to wait for.  As a safeguard, you may override this by also specifying a “Max Hold Hours” to prevent jobs from waiting too long.
  • Total Quantity: AWI will wait until the combined orders reach a certain quantity. Unlike the previous release type, this does consider how much is being ordered. For example, setting the threshold to 5000 could be filled by a single order of 5000 cards or 10 orders of 500 cards.
  • Hours: This will release every time the number of hold hours has been reached.
  • Daily: This will release once per day when the defined time is reached.
  • Weekly: This will release once per week on the day and time defined
  • Monthly: This will release once per month on the day of month and time assigned. If you select a day of the month that exceeds the total number of days in the month, the queue will be released on the last day of the month. For example, if you assign 31 as the day, the queue will be released on the 30th in June.

Reporting Feature

AWI can automatically generate the corresponding Pressero report(s) for the order item. AWI now can automatically create PDF based reports, within the Reports tab. Simply check the box next to each report needed and specify the download location.

For an overview of the new version of AWI, please view this support video.