URL Redirect Tables

Have a web-to-print site you would like to migrate to Pressero, but are worried about losing your good search engine rankings?  We’ve recently added a URL redirect table to Pressero that will allow for migration to Pressero, while keeping the results of your SEO work intact.

1) In the admin area, click on the URL Redirects option under your site.  This will show a page listing any redirects you have already created.  The image below shows the redirects we have created for our www.pressero.com site.  As you can see, the location of our popular QR code generator changed, so we wanted to put in a redirection to the new URL.  We also wanted to redirect traffic from https://www.pressero.com/blog over to this blog site (https://blog.pressero.com).

2) You can edit an existing entry by clicking the pencil icon next to the redirect entry.  Or click the “Add new Redirect” link at the top.  Either operation will open up a simple edit form:

3) Enter in the information, then click Save.  Hovering your mouse over the [?] will open up a tooltip giving you more information on what to enter.  Setting the Redirect type to permanent will tell the search engine to update its information on your site with the new URL.