Using A Form in Your Web to Print Storefronts to Generate Sales Leads

A while ago I detailed how to use the open architecture of Pressero online print solution to add a chat feature to your web to print storefronts. We received great feedback from those who used that post to install chat technology into their websites. I’m glad so many found that web to print sales tip helpful!

Today I want to talk about another “widget” you can add to your web to print stores: forms.

You already have a very capable Forms generating system built into the Pressero web to print software features. However, there may be a few  scenarios that need something special and out of the ordinary. Because Pressero provides an open system, third party widgets for forms can be used in addition to the Pressero form generator.

One such scenario involves receiving the form data as an Excel file instead of as an email.

Examples of when you might need this include newsletter signups, requests for information or quotes, and any other situation where you want all the individual form requests gathered into a single data file, instead of (or in addition to) receiving individual email messages.

The are a number of online form services. One that I tried is FormSmarts. In addition to its  free online form builder (only a limited number of forms, no data export option, and the FormSmarts branding on your website), it offers a $50/year Pro subscription that can generate the Excel data file exports, supports unlimited forms, and can be white-labeled (no FormSmarts logo/branding).

Obviously there is no need for the free version of FormSmarts (Pressero generates unlimited forms, and is already white labeled), but the inexpensive FormSmarts Pro version can be used to collect customer or prospect data into an exportable xls file.

I found registration for the service to be fast and easy. After confirming my signup, I was taken to the form builder page (below).

Web to print form

I could immediately start by naming a form and giving it a title, and a Return URL (i.e., the page I will be adding the form to).

After I was finished adding my fields, I can embed the form into a page in my Pressero website. I had already created a page called Newsletter Signup for my Pressero store and added some simple instructions (below). All it needed was the signup form.

W2P form setup step 2

Newsletter Signup page added to Pressero store

Clicking the My Forms tab in FormSmarts, I copied the iframe code snippet. In Pressero Admin, I went to Sites > Pages to the Newsletter Signup page I created earlier. I clicked the Edit pencil to open the page, selected the HTML option at the bottom of the edit window, and pasted the FormSmarts code, then Saved. The form was now part of the store’s Newsletter Signup page (below). Of course, I tested the form.

Newsletter signup added to web to print store

FormSmarts Form Embedded in Newsletter Signup Page

This is one way to have all the newsletter signups delivered as a single excel file that you can use for sales prospecting. The same technique can also be used for requests for information or quotes, or any other situation where you want all the individual form requests gathered into a single data file, instead of—or in addition to—receiving individual email messages.

Lucia Blanco