New Aleyant Pressero Feature Alert: Cart Level Discounts (BETA) Now Available

New Feature Alert!

Aleyant is happy to announce our new Cart Level Discounts feature is now available. This was a popular feature request in our ideas portal – thank you to our customers for providing these helpful suggestions that improve our products. 

Cart Level Discounts

Pressero web to print cart page showing a cart level discount

This feature is a great way to encourage customers to purchase more from your Pressero online storefronts. The more items purchased, the better the discount the buyer will receive. Win win for everyone! 

Pressero Cart level discounts allows you unparalleled customization of discounts!

Cart level discount options in Pressero admin

Product Matching allows you to match on a micro and macro level to make sure that the discount is only applied to the right products purchased by the print buyer. You will be able to match by...

  • Any product
  • Specific products
  • Category of products 
  • Attribute and value

You can further customize your Matching products with specific types of discounts! Here are the options...

  • Total matched items count
  • Total matched items quantity
  • Total matched items subtotal
  • Always

We didn't stop there! You can further customize your Discount Method with the following options...

  • Percentage
  • Per cart item
  • Entire cost
  • None

We didn't forget Shipping and Handling! If you just want to discount shipping and handling with Cart Level Discounts we got you covered with these options...

  • Percentage
  • Fixed amount
  • None


Still want more?

Here are all the basic details of Cart Level Discounts. Name to help you organize all your discounts. A start and end date perfect for running discount campaigns monthly that you set and forget. Display name to drive the message home to your print buyers that you're the best print shop ever. Lastly, internal notes to keep track of the purpose of your discounts.

screenshot of pressero admin and the cart level discounts options


This is our most advanced list ever! We give you the option of providing a Discount Mode to change how these discounts are applied even further. Want to only apply the first matched or the one that will give the biggest discount? We got you covered.

Also, you can drag and drop the order of your discounts so they apply in the order you want. Put the biggest discounts first or last. It's up to you!

screenshot of the pressero admin showing the list of cart level discounts

When can I start using Cart Level Discounts?

This feature will begin to rollout with customers on our Chicago servers on March 11, then with our customers on Amsterdam and Singapore servers on Mar 12-13 then with our Dedicated Server customers on March 22-27. 

Please note this feature is currently in BETA. Be sure to report any issues to our support staff via submitting a support ticket.

What if I need more discounts? And how do I manage this new feature on my storefronts?

Every Pressero plan has access to cart-level discounts automatically. Depending on your plan, you may be able to create between 1 and 10 discounts per site. If you would like to upgrade your plan, please contact our support team here.  

Cart level discounts can be enabled/disabled per site so you can easily turn all discounts on and off without changing their configuration. For more information on how to enable, edit, manage, delete and add cart level discounts to your storefronts, view our Knowledge Base article here

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Therese McGady

Aleyant's Marketing Manager: Experienced marketing communications professional with in-house and agency background, combined with strong Midwestern work ethic and excellent relationship-building skills.