Web to Print Design Template: Custom Assets

Aleyant eDocBuilder™ web to print design template software supports the integration of a library of image assets from a third party digital asset management (DAM) system.  For simplicity, images can be organized by category making it easy to navigate a large image library and to find the desired image.

There are a three reasons why you might want to connect a digital asset management system to your web to print design templates.

  1. Best of breed. Leverage the power and capability of your existing DAM system. A third party digital asset management system can be very specialized. Rather than trying to replicate it within Pressero or eDocBuilder, connect the two instead!
  2. Save time. You already have the images loaded (and likely categorized) in a digital asset management system. Rather than redo all that work again, connect the DAM to your eDocBuilder template(s).
  3. Save money. Provide a user with an large library of images without needing to add more Pressero storage space.

Custom Assets can be used with both form-based templates and with Interactive Designer templates.