Web to Print Design Template: Response Sets

For some web to print online design templates, your customer may need the simplicity of having certain text and/or images entered based on a selection they make from a pull-down menu.

Great for Customers with Many Locations

With a response added to your Aleyant eDocBuilder™ form-based design template, a customer can select an item from a list and have text and images automatically entered or changed without having to enter text or select an image. For example, your customer may be a franchise or a corporation with many locations. By simply selecting their location from a list, their address, city, state, zip, phone number and even the logo associated with their selected location can be automatically entered for them. Select a different location and all the text and images can change again! Your customer can still override any field as needed.

See It Work

In the example below:

  1. Choose an item from the "Select Your Region" menu
  2. The Location, Phone, Extension, Fax, Email, and Logo form entries will change
  3. Click Update Preview to see the changes displayed in the proof

This is web to print business card design template shows a number of other capabilities as well as a response set:

  • Image Upload: User can upload and crop an image to the aspect ratio defined in the template
  • Drop Down List: By selecting the address, multiple lines of text in the template are changed.
  • Logic: Removing the phone extension will also remove the preceding ", Ext: ".  Removing the fax number will remove the preceding "Fax:" and close up the resulting blank line.
  • Image Picker: User can select from predefined list of images.