Web to Print Design Template Tool: Barcodes, Postal Codes, QR Codes

The Aleyant eDocBuilder™ web to print design template software supports auto-generation and merging of barcodes into a form-based template. This enables barcodes to be automatically added to business cards, flyers, postcards, letterhead, brochures, banners, signs, or just about anything.

Customer or Database Generated Barcodes

A wide variety of barcodes can be generated from a merged database or as part of a single document personalization transaction.

  • Standard Barcodes: ITF-14 (Interleaved 2 of 5), 3 of 9, Type 128, UPC, Type 39, 128, UPC, UPC-a, UPC-e.
  • USPS Postal Barcodes: Postnet, Intelligent Mail, Planet
  • 2D Barcodes: QR Codes, DataMatrix, PDF417

Vector Based, CMYK Barcodes

All barcodes are generated as vector CMYK images for maximum fidelity, reliability, and support of traditional commercial print methods. No need to settle for a low resolution, bit-mapped, barcodes when you can have the best.

web to print design template barcode cmyk tool
web to print design template barcode vector tool

QR Code Example Illustration

The design template below is for a postcard that will be merged with a user supplied database.  Click here to download a sample excel file to test with. It will dynamically create a QR Code on the address side of the postcard based on the PURL field in the database file. Each postcard will have a different QR Code.

This postcard also highlights some additional key capabilities:

  • Merging with a database.  eDocBuilder will show the first five records merged to the user..
  • Mixture of variable elements supplied from the excel file, and from the form next to the template.
  • Image upload and crop (Photo field)
  • Image picker (Logo field)
  • Combining of fields.  In the letter on the back side of the postcard, the salutation and name will move up or down depending on the length of the message text.