Web to Print Design Template Tool: Field Logic and Scripting

The Aleyant eDocBuilder™ web to print design tool allows you to define logic to move, reformat, and suppress text and graphics as needed for forms-based templates. This is essential when creating design online templates that must adhere to your client's design standards.

The eDocBuilder web to print design software supports three methods to define this logic:

HTML Scripting

web to print design tool html logic and scriptingWith HTML scripting you can easily combine user entered text from multiple fields, perform text reformatting, and easily indicate when text should be suppressed if your customer did not enter information for a design template field.

HTML scripting is easy to learn for those who haven't used before and easy to understand. We also provide training for those who need it.

For an example of a design online template that uses html scripting logic, see below.


web to print design tool vbscript logic and scriptingWe never cease to be amazed with some of the involved design rules print buyers want our customers must implement... especially in web to print business card design.  eDocBuilder's vbScript is a subset of the popular vbScripting language from Microsoft.

Similar to using functions in Excel, vbScript can support text comparisons, if-then-else statements, case statements, and text parsing functions. vbScript is generally not needed, but can be extraordinarily powerful if a complex scenario arises.

Field Stacking

Field Stacking is a more visual approach in our web to print designer to defining how fields should move or disappear, depending on what your customer enters into the template.

With Field Stacking you can create "dependencies", which link fields together and cause fields to hide when no entry is made.

You can also create "movements" which tell fields where to move if an associated field was not filled out.

See HTML Scripting in Action

The template example below uses HTML scripting in the contact block area:

  • Removing the phone extension will also remove the preceding ", Ext: ".
  • Removing the fax number will remove the preceding "Fax:" and close up the resulting blank line.

The template example above also shows:

  • Response Set: Drop down at the top can optionally populate field inputs for the entire template.
  • Image Upload: User can upload and crop an image to the aspect ratio defined in the template
  • Drop Down List: By selecting the address, multiple lines of text in the template are changed.
  • Image Picker: User can select from predefined list of images.