Web to Print Design Template Tool: Text Handling

The Aleyant eDocBuilder™ web to print design template software supports a wide variety of typographic controls, enabling you to match your customer's design requirements.

design tool font support

Font Support

True Type, Type 1 (postscript) and OpenType fonts for your web to print template design. You can also choose between latin (Western language characters) or unicode (Asian, Arabic, Hebrew, etc.) format encoding, to insure compatibility with your customers and your equipment. In addition you can control if fonts are fully embedded in your design template production file, subsetted (partially embedded), or not embedded at all.

Text Styling

Text in a web to print design template can be styled in many ways. Options include:

  • Size, tracking, alignment, leading, and opacity
  • Bold, italic, and underline (synthetic if actual fonts not supplied)
  • CMYK or SPOT coloring
  • Vertical and horizontal scaling
  • Rotation and layering
  • Outlining
  • Reformatting, such as all upper case, mixed case, or custom
  • Horizontal or vertical directions

Text Capturing

When building your web to print design templates, you can define how your customer should be prompted in their web browser to enter text. You can choose between a standard textbox, a multi-line textbox, or a drop down list.

Custom Ink Color Palettes

eDocBuilder web to print design template software supports the creation of a library of multiple custom ink color palettes for text.  Palettes can be cmyk, rgb, gray scale, and spot colors. Each text field within a template can be assigned to any one of the palettes in your library.