Web to Print Interactive Designer Templates: Text Tools

With Aleyant eDocBuilder™ Interactive Designer Templates, a variety of text tools enable your customers to manipulate and edit text in your web-to-print online design templates while seeing an instant proof!

Format Text

web to print Interactive Design text format tool

  • Font – Select from fonts list.
  • Font Size – Select 1 to 999 pts
  • Leading – Vertical line space
  • Tracking – Horizontal spacing
  • Alignment – Top, Left, Center, etc.
  • Font Color – Pick a color
  • Font Styles – Bold, Italic, etc.
  • Symbols – Add symbols to text
  • Opacity – Adjust text transparency
  • Layering – Stack font layers
  • Content – Edit text content

Pick Text & Phrases

web to print interactive design text toolGive your customer a drop-down menu to choose a preloaded message, address, or some other text from a pre-defined list. The text is automatically loaded and displayed in the Interactive Designer template.

Rotate Text

web to print interactive design text rotationText rotation is easy in Interactive Designer templates. Just click and drag a green handle to rotate the element to any full or fractional degree. This extremely powerful rotation capability is simple, easy and unmatched in form and function!

Move Text

web to print interactive design template text mover


Text can be moved by your customer to any place on the design template just like any desktop program with a simple

  1. Click
  2. Drag
  3. Drop

Interactive Designer templates give your customer powerful text tools that are easy to use.

Unlimited Font Support

design tool font support

Many standard fonts are available by default, but the Interactive Designer doesn’t limit you to just those. You can add your own TrueType, Type 1 and Open Type fonts for use in the template by your customer.