Wish You Could Check, Fix and Proof Print Files Automatically?

Imagine having print jobs automatically checked and fixed as they arrive instead of letting them pile up in your inbox. What if you could automatically send proof files to your clients for approval? Or auto-send print-ready production files to specific departments, or 3rd party imposition, RIPs, or cutters.

Meet Aleyant tFLOW. Our powerful prepress workflow automation solution for commercial, large format, label, and specialty graphics.

Let tFLOW do this work for you so you can focus on more value-added work. Automate your prepress workflow now to avoid future delays, missed deadlines and costly mistakes.

Want to learn more about what our prepress automation software can do for your print business? Check out this video or reach out to us at sales@aleyant.com.

Therese McGady

Aleyant's Marketing Manager: Experienced marketing communications professional with in-house and agency background, combined with strong Midwestern work ethic and excellent relationship-building skills.