Workflow Automation That Pays For Itself



When we talk to people in the industry about workflow automation, time and expense are often identified as the leading barriers to adoption. Let us share some stats from a recent installation we completed for a general imager that illuminate why we believe companies can no longer afford not to automate.

Our clients report that Aleyant tFLOW’s tools saves a minimum of 1 hour of each project manager’s time, and 1 hour of each CSR’s time per day. First, let’s look at an investment in tFLOW automation:

Average installation and training – $2000

12-month subscription at $495/month (Enterprise) – $5940

First-year total: $7940

Now let’s look at savings: Using a calculation based on only 2 employees at $60,000/year, working 60 hours each/month, for a total of 3840 hours/year. Two people saving an hour apiece per day = 40 hours saved per month and 480 hours saved per year. If the average cost of labor is $31.25/hr x 48, tFLOW saves $15,000 in a year, and matches ROI after only 6 months.

Real implementation provides values in order of several times this figure as you add the savings of additional managers, technicians and CSRs, but even with the extremely conservative valuation described above, the numbers add up in favor of tFLOW. To learn more about Aleyant tFLOW, click here to schedule a demo with us today.